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Many of the products we carry are made to order in small batches, one of a kind, or limited stock, therefore we are not able to guarantee them to be available upon request. We have created this category to give viewers a more complete picture of what we have in our inventory. We have a huge selection of handcrafted jewelry, clothing, accessories and gifts! If there is anything pictured in this section that you are interested in please give us a call. There is a good chance that we may have it in stock!

Assorted Bags and Purses

Recycled and Earth Friendly Goods. I'm sure everyone has heard the benefits of recycling. Growing concern about the health of our environment has been a prominent issue lately. In this world of wastefulness it is nice to know that we can each do a little bit to help the environment. When we choose to buy recycled and earth friendly goods, we are buying products that are gentler on our environment, and also items that are healthier for us.

The Peacock Shoppe supports many companies that work hard to create earth friendly, and overall healthier products for the whole family! For instance, we carry palm and soy wax candles that are cleaner burning and do not give off the harmful carcinogenic fumes that common paraffin candles do.

We also sell items made out of recycled tires and glass – as you can see from the pictures on the right!

The organic items we carry guarantee that your clothing and foods are not processed using pesticides or other harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your well being, and the well being of the planet.. It also helps to support sustainable and healthy farming practices that prevent the contamination of the land and water.


Women's Clothing

We realize that it is difficult to find unique and different clothing these days, and pride ourselves of our large selection that stands out in a crowd. We purchase small quantities of top quality designs from all over the world. We stand by our mission to offer goods that are ethical and socially responsible, while ensuring that you will not see your top or trousers being worn by every third person you pass by on the street.

  • NTT Fashions: (Ruffle Tops)
  • Origami: Exquisite tops! Some Reversible!!!
  • Cubism: Eclectic and Edgy tops!
  • Surrealist: Sophisticated and fashionable! Fabric to die for!!
  • Adini: Gorgeous clothing from India!
  • Cactus: Fun and Playful Tops!
Women's Clothing Women's Clothing
Women's Clothing Women's Clothing
Women's Clothing Women's Clothing